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Varied Prices (See Store For Details)

Stamped Decks: HU42, HU46, HU48, HU54

Fabricated Decks: 48″ RZ, 52″ MZ, 52″ MZT, 52″ PZT



Varied Prices (See Store For Details)

OREGON GATOR LINE: square .095″ 114′, round .095″ 114′, round .095″ 288′, round .105″ 118′, square 105″ 187′, round .130″ 75′, round .170″ 91′, square .170″ 36′, square 155″ 42′, round .105″ 236′, round .095″ 50′, round .095″ 50′, round .105″ 1/2 lb, .130″ 463′ and round .105″ 715′

HUSQVARNA TITANIUM FORCE TRIMMER LINE: .130″ 450′, .130″ 690′, .105″ 690′, .095″ 840′, .095″ 50′, .095″ 140′, .095″ 280′, .105″ 115′, .105″ 230′ and .095 50′

ROTARY TRIMMER LINE: .105″ 30′, .095″ 40′ and .095″ 140′


Varied Prices (See Store For Details)

Husqvarna T35 (fits select Husqvarna, Echo, RedMax, Stihl, Poulan and Shindaiwa shaft trimmers and brush cutters).

Husqvarna T35X (fits select Husqvarna trimmers only).

Husqvarna T25 (fits select Husqvarna, JonseRed, RedMax and Craftsman straight and curved shaft trimmers).

Husqvarna Trimmy Hit Pro (fits Husqvarna 322L, 322R, 325L, 325Lx, 325Rx, 325RJx trimmers and brush cutters).

Kwik Loader KL650 (fits most Ryobi, Homelite, John Deere, Poulan Weedeater Stihl, Servistar Sears/Craftsman, Toro, Lawnboy, IDC, Ryan, McCulloch and many more trimmers).

N2 Trimmer Head (fits select Dolmar, Sears, Solo and Stihl trimmers).

Oregon Swift Loader (fits most curved and straight shaft trimmers).

Raisman Platt Multiapplication Head (fits Homelite, Ryobi, MTD and McColluch trimmers).

Rino-Tuff Universal Push Button (fits most straight shaft gas trimmers).

Stens Heavy Duty Twist Feed (fits most curved an straight shaft trimmers over 25cc).

Veri VP78 Spool Fast (fits Black & Decker, Dolmar Echo, Hoffco, Husqvarna, John Deere, JonseRed, McColluch, Paramount, Poulan, Ryobi/Ryan/IDC, Snapper, Tanaka, Toro, Weedeater and Homelite trimmers).

Mobil 1 15w-50 Motor Oil


Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic motor oils deliver exceptional performance and protection for vehicles of all ages and for all driving conditions – normal to extreme. Mobil 1 oils keep engines running like new by helping: Combat sludge and deposit buildup, reduce wear and control oil breakdown. Mobil 1 motor oils offer a full range of temperature protection: For cold starts, the oil keeps flowing as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can withstand high temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Briggs and Stratton Small Engine Oil SAE 30

$4.99 - $9.99

Briggs & Stratton lawn mower oil is proven to meet the demands of our 4-cycle engines. Keep your small engine running strong. Tested and approved by Briggs & Stratton engineers. Warranty certified and recommended in all Briggs & Stratton manuals. A high quality detergent oil classified SJ/CD by the API-Conveniently sized for today’s engines. Available in 18oz and 48 oz.

XP Professional Performance 2 Stroke Oil


Our best formulation to date is the ” XP® Professional Performance” 2-cycle lubricant. It is a synthetic blend designed for tough, professional usage. * Handles high loads at tough professional usage *Excellent lubricating properties *Lowers engine operating temperature * Less coating on the piston and in crankcase * Extends the engine’s life * Provides longer service intervals * Low to medium smoke emission * Includes fuel stabilizer.

Briggs and Stratton Advanced Fuel Treatment

$6.99 - $9.99

Briggs & Stratton’s NEW 5-in-1 Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer safeguards engines against common ethanol problems. The formula protects your engine against the corrosive effects of ethanol and maintains fuel stability for up to 3 years. Available in 4 oz and 8 oz.

Briggs and Stratton Carb/Choke Cleaner (16 oz)


Made specifically for Briggs & Stratton engines, this cleaner dissolves deposits in your carb and choke, reducing maintenance, downtime, and improving starting for all 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine.

Battery Charger


Battery Charger / Maintainer BC 0.8 The BC 0.8 is a compact and fully automatic 6-step charger for 12V batteries from 1.2-32Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 100Ah. The unique display allows the user to follow the entire charging process. The user friendly quick connect on the end of the charger is designed to directly plug into the CTEK charging port found on select Husqvarna tractor models. The quick connect adapter also connects to the Comfort Connect Clamp (pictured) and Comfort Connect M6 eyelet (pictured), which can be used with any smaller 12V battery. Additional applications include: ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters, and jet skis.

Universal Hatchet H900


Small hatchet for fire wood, garden work and trekking activities. Fiber-reinforced PA shaft makes the axe durable and robust. The axe head has a non-stick coating which gives less friction and easy entry into the wood. Soft grip for ergonomics and secure handling. Balance point close to the axe head gives perfect balance and weight distribution. Hammer function for an easy and effective use of splitting wedges (no steel wedges).

Husqvarna Kid’s Toys


Chainsaw: Featuring rotating plastic chains and realistic chainsaw sounds. Leaf Blower: Makes blower sound and air moves from nozzle when trigger is pulled. Trimmer: Makes trimmer sound and toy trimmer line spins. Walk mower: pull cord starts mower noises, wheels move. Great for kids 3 years old and up. Meets all required toy standards for the United States.

2 Stroke Pre-mixed Fuel+Oil


Husqvarna Ethanol Free, High Octane Fuel is mixed with Husqvarna’s best synthetic oil blend. This product was specifically formulated to provide the Husqvarna handheld owner with optimal equipment performance. Fuel does not degrade or oxidize like pump gas. Fuel stays fresh for years solving longer term storage needs. Protects fuel systems & saves carburetors. Convenient, ready to use, no mixing required. JASO-FD certified premium synthetic oil blend for your 2-Stroke air cooled engine.

Seafoam Motor Treatment


A petroleum based cleaner lubricant, stabilizer and moisture controller that maintains fuel and oil system components. Use to make the following more efficient: automotive, fleet, inboard/outboard marine, ATV, snowmobile, snow blower, motorcycle, tractor, lawnmower, chainsaw, 2 cycle, 4 cycle and diesel engines, carburated and fuel-injected engines. Seafoam motor treatment will help: clean injectors, clean carb jets, clean deposits, control moisture in fuel systems, add lubricity and protection to fuel, anti-corrosive, lube upper cylinders, quiet noisy lifters, stabilize fuels for up to 2 years, clean passageways, liquefy gum and varnish, de-ice and anti-gel, clean intake valves and clean pistons.

Felling Wedges

$7.99 - $12.99

Available in 5.5″, 8″ and 10″. High Impact ABS Plastic. Felling instructions included on package. A “must-have” when felling trees. Wedges help the tree fall in the direction of the notch cut by actually lifting the tree in that direction. Used to prevent the tree from pinching the saw (or leaning back on the saw) while making a backcut. Can also be used for bucking trees already on the ground. Made of high impact ABS plastic.



A small axe for firewood, camping and garden work. Comes with an edge cover in leather. The hatchet’s head is attached to the handle using both a wooden and a steel wedge to secure fastening.

2 Stroke Low Smoke Oil

$2.99 - $4.99

Meets and exceeds the latest oil specifications for JASO-FD and ISO-EGD, and exceeds the current API TC Spec requirements.* Includes fuel stabilizer to reduce the risk of engine failure or poor running characteristics brought on by stale or poor fuel. * Improves blending with a broader range of fuels, including higher octane fuel. * Noticeable reduction in exhaust smoke. * Reduces fuel oxidation and improves lubricity. Available in 2 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon mix

Armrest kit


Add armrests to the seat for more comfort while mowing. Fits premium seats on zero-turns and premium adjustable, sliding seats on tractors

Brush Guard


The LS Brush Guard’s heavy-duty automotive styling and welded construction protects your tractor from accidental damage. One piece easy and quick installation and allows access to hood.

Front Bumper


Front mounted, steel tube bumper protects the tractor from head-on damage during operation. Kit includes one-piece tube bumper, plus mounting accessories.

Sun Shade


A must have here in the deep south. Lightweight, attractive sun shade provides protection from sun and heat. Easy to assemble in less than 30 minutes. The tarp is 34″ wide x 43″ long and is constructed of durable UV-resistant black nylon material. A mesh rear flap helps to protect the back of the operator’s head and neck. The sun shade cleans easily with soap and water. Powder coat paint finish resists rust and chips. Ample head room with a 38″ clearance from tractor seat. Can be used with bagger.

Professional Hearing Protectors


Lightweight, flexible padded headband with pressure adjustment. Can be used with or without a hard hat. Hearing protection rating 25dB(A) NRR.

Xtreme Protective Glasses


Extreme style, extreme performance! Incredibly lightweight for all day wear. Full side and brow protection along with a soft nosepiece for added comfort. Gunmetal frame with Revo mirrored, polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection.

Riding Lawn Mower Cover


Made in water resistant nylon. Adjustable drawstring at the lower part, ventilation holes. Fits most Husqvarna riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors.

Pro Forest Helmet


Helmet is complete with visor, hearing protectors, sun peak and neck guard. The earmuffs can be adjusted vertically and sideways to ensure good noise exclusion, despite low pressure. The nylon/metal mesh visor, which is easily raised or lowered, provides good visibility and good water run off.

Five Finger Comfort Gloves


Basic comfort work gloves. Leather palm and nylon top layer. One size fits all.

Powerbox Chainsaw Carrying Case


Husqvarna orange Powerbox chainsaw carrying case that is stackable and holds Husqvarna’s exclusive filing equipment, filing vise, scrench, spark plug, 2-Stroke oil, bar & chain oil and operator’s manual. Exclusive “Husky leash” system for a secure fit and to protect the saw. Comes standard with an 18″ to 20″ scabbard.

Protective Gloves (Classic)


Heavy duty leather work glove with goatskin palm and spandex top layer. One size fits all.

Leaf Blower Gutter Kit


Includes 4 extension tubes, 1 pivot tube and gutter nozzle tube. Full reach is 12′ when being held 2.5′ feet from the ground.

Protective Apparel Kit (Homeowner)


Homeowner Kit Consists of: 1 Mesh Visor with Hearing Protectors, 1 Husqvarna Protective (Consumer) Chap, 1 Husqvarna blue clip Suspenders, 1 pair Xtreme Duty Work Gloves (Large), 1 pair Clear Protective Glasses and 1 Protective Glasses Lanyard.